You lean in, breath tickling her skin. She inhales and her eyes flicker down. You graze her lips with yours, just the briefest touch. Their softness is addictive, and against your better judgement you go back for more, slipping your hand over her cheek. A small kiss, then another. Heat rising between you, each kiss […]

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Holding On

You’ll only ever hear three sounds on the battlefield of Bastogne, Belgium in 1944: explosions, gunfire and silence. No laughter, no singing, no celebrations. No one would dare. Sound makes you a target for the enemy. So you keep to your fox hole. Dig it deep, fortify the edges, and find yourself some cover. Your […]

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Hide and seek

Only the best will survive. “You have one minute.” I ran around the obscenely grand mansion, barrelling into several other kids as we each scrambled for the best position. One pudgy kid about four years old locked himself in the pantry. Too obvious. He won’t last long. Up the stairs and back down again—nothing but […]

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The White Rabbit

This girl, this bloody girl. “Get out of my way! I have things to do!” I tapped my padded foot and spied an opening. I hopped forward but found myself inside her godforsaken pocket! And then she sat up, the little witch, no doubt to torment me as if I were her pet. “Why, Mr. […]

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I waited until everyone was gone to recess. I wasn’t keeping anyone waiting. No one wondered where I was. I was shaking when I approached her. I’d never liked her. She was always shoving her culture down our throats. It didn’t help us. She wasn’t good at helping. But I was ten years old, and […]

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Cat Life

Slurp  I’m watching TV. Veronica is sitting beside me, curled up like a stripy little snail shell. I hear a gurgle and look up to see Archie licking his butt. Slurp it clean, buddy. Bung Tail Veronica’s tail is floppy. When I try to give her a scratch, she meows. It’s not angry, just a […]

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My Sister and Me

What would you do if you knew your child would have a disability? My younger sister was born different. By all appearances she was a happy little baby, but she didn’t feed well and all of her milestones, such as walking and speaking, were delayed. As she grew, she developed in her own way, much […]

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Work in Progress

  I have a lot of time on my hands lately, so I’ve been exploring new options for writing projects to work on. Unfortunately a head cold limits me today, but I’m hoping to post my writing progress here for the next week, and possibly month. So here goes. 1. Follow the Tracks This is […]

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