*Trigger warning: dead bodies* There’s blood on my hands. I don’t know when it got there, or how. We were shooting, how am I covered in blood? The volunteer-privates loaded the bodies, but I’m still covered in blood. “You alright?” Yurovsky grunts, his eyes narrowed on the dark road ahead. I take a deep drag […]

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Bottomless Brunch

INT. RESTAURANT. DAY.Restaurant with tall ceilings and an ocean view. Five women sit at a round table: SANDRA, SARAH, JO, ROSIE AND KAYLA. Their plates are laden with food and glasses filled with champagne–it’s bottomless brunch. They are all 26-year-old friends from high school having a catch up. A tired male waiter lingers in the […]

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Sourcing writing inspiration

In my first degree, I studied Creative Writing as a minor. It was the first time that I started a project under the scrutiny of a teacher – and it was not fun. This was during my T.S. Eliot faze, so my idea was to combine his poetic style with a dream concept post-apocalyptic civilisation. […]

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My first friend: Vale Ania Walwicz

I don’t usually go to orientations. I’ve spent so much of my life in education, I always felt like I knew what university was about. But I was in a new city this time, Melbourne significantly more lively and intricate than my sleepy hometown, Perth. I went to the Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) orientation […]

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2020: oh, what a year.

I started 2020 with a new job in a fancy office and a plan to finish my university studies by 2021. I was anxious going into January. Though I had been excited for my new job, I was quickly realising that it was not the position I thought I’d accepted. Instead of creating learning resources, […]

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Fight for Love 1 contd.

…continued. As Becky came through the tennis court gate, Davis stuck out his leg and tripped her. Becky went sprawling in a sea of bouncing balls, skidding her hands on the ground. Davis, Garret and Elena burst out laughing, joined by everyone else who saw the epic stack. My first instinct was to help Becky […]

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Fight for Love 1

Chapter One “Fight, fight, fight, fight!”I swallowed hard and clenched my fist. In the corner of my eye I could see Becky, her hands clutched together in a silent prayer. Fiona was beside her, arms crossed and shaking her head. Ynez had already gone home.I took a deep breath and studied my opponent. He obviously […]

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For Blood and Fatherland

Chapter One In the early morning of her eighteenth birthday, Tatiana Romanov woke to someone in her room. She had been dreaming of dancing with Alexei – in the ballroom at first, then beside the lake, then deep in snowy woods. Alexei had spun her away and into the waiting arms of Grigori Rasputin. The […]

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Favourite Scene: Frozen in Flame

Zolen, former Commander of the Autumn guild and current rage-filled beast, was surrounded by at least ten of his men—several of whom Eilus recognised from their journey. They were obviously there to enjoy the show. Zolen’s men had Bamin, Metra and Quil kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs. One had a heavy, lumpy […]

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Chapter 1: Finders Keepers

The first to burst through the compartment doors was the smallest, angriest kid I’d even seen. His blonde hair was spiked in grime-covered points and he wore a crest of worn Myki travel cards that covered his chest and shoulders like scaly battle armour.

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