Favourite Scene: Frozen in Flame

Zolen, former Commander of the Autumn guild and current rage-filled beast, was surrounded by at least ten of his men—several of whom Eilus recognised from their journey. They were obviously there to enjoy the show. Zolen’s men had Bamin, Metra and Quil kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs. One had a heavy, lumpy […]

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The New House (Edited)

Liam sprawled himself across the kitchen bench, his worn Ramones shirt lifting slightly to expose a trail of hair on his stomach. “The space, the beautiful bench space!” The childish glimmer in his eye made me chuckle. After more than a week of time sensitive house hunting, it was heartening to see that his smile […]

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The New House (Unedited)

Liam sprawled himself on the kitchen bench. “The space! The beautiful bench space!” It was almost three meters worth of room – sink and oven included – a stark contrast to the elbow numbing cube in our previous apartment. But that wasn’t all. The house had an open-plan kitchen and living area with so much […]

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