Choice (Dialogue only)

“Then why are you here?”

“Why do you think I’m here? You’re my fiancé!”

“Only because our parents agreed to it. There was nothing to do with us. No input, no feelings. Why would you insist on holding me to such an agreement? Why would you come here every day if not to stake your claim on me in front of everyone else?”

“And so what if that’s it? Have you seen the way these guys look at you? They know full well you’re above them in every way but they still want you.”

“How does that affect you? It’s about me and my fellow peers, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Yes it does! You’re mine! I’m the only one here who can have you.”

“So, what? You come here to rub it in their faces?”

“Why shouldn’t I? You’re obviously not telling them anything different. You’re so flirtatious—”

“It’s called being friendly, you should try it some time.”

“Why? I have you, I don’t need anything else.”

“Ok, first off, you don’t have me, no one does. And second — yes, you do! DO you really not have any friends? What about at your own school?”

“All the pricks there just suck up to me because of my father. There are no friendships, just networking.”

“So… you don’t have any friends.”

“I have you.”

“Are we really friends though?”

“Isn’t this what friends do?”

“This is arguing, we’re arguing.”


“You really think friends should argue? Friends should laugh and have fun together. Yeah, sometimes they argue, but then they make up.”

“So, we have to make up whenever we have an argument? Sounds like a lot of work, and arguing is more fun.”

“What if you hurt me?”

“What do you mean? I’d never hurt you.”

“What if, while we’re arguing, you say something that offends or upsets me?”

“Is that something I do?”

“You’re good at upsetting me, yes.”

“Then I won’t do it anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I won’t upset you anymore.”

“You coming here everyday upsets me.”

“But if I didn’t come, we’d never see each other. And we wouldn’t be friends. Is that what you want?”

“I’d like to have the choice, at least.”

“Ok then.”


“You’re here. At my school.”

“I am.”


“You stopped coming to mine.”

“You asked me to.”

“I asked you to give me a choice. I chose to come and see you.”

“Is this how it’s going to be from now on? We only see each other when you feel like it? Doesn’t seem very friendly.”

“Maybe there’s a better solution.”

“I’m listening.”

“Come to my school.”

“Pssht, it’s a shit heap, you’ve said so yourself — it looks like a prison.”

“But the teachers are good, and so are the students.”

“You want me to change schools for you?”

“I want you to change schools for you. Here, everyone knows who you are and where you came from. There, you can start fresh, you can make friends—”

“I can see you.”

“You can already see me any time you want.”

“That’s not what you said last time.”

“You’re not a great listener, are you? I said I wanted the choice. You wanna see me? Pick up the phone and call, or actually ask me on a date.”

“You’re my fiancé, why would we need to date?”

“Maybe so we can actually get to know each other?”

“We can do that after we’re married.”

“But what if we don’t like each other, or find out we have nothing in common?”

“Then we’ll keep our distance or live separately or something — worked for my grandparents.”

“Is that really the kind of marriage you’d want? No passion? No love? No friendship?”

“It’s a contract, why does it need any of those things?”

“There’s always something with you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Just, think about it, ok? Transferring to my school. I think you’d enjoy it.”

“Do you want me to?”

“To what?”

“Come to your school?”

“Sure, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it.”

“I’ll do it then.”

“Just like that? What about your father?”

“By the time he notices, it’ll be done.”

“Won’t he be mad if you don’t tell him?”

“I’ll use you as an excuse.”

“I can’t imagine he’d enjoy the thought of me pushing around his only son and heir.”

“Is that what you’re doing? Pushing me around?”

“If I am, I don’t mean to. I’d prefer you made your own choices, like I try to.”

“Does it make you happy? Making your own choices?”

“Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But it’s better than the alternative. And making mistakes is all part of life, right?”

“Not my life.”

“Maybe that’s something you could learn at my school.”



Writer’s note: This formed from the image of a perfect boy leaning against a school fence waiting for someone. I didn’t originally intend for it to be only dialogue, but the more I wrote, the more I realised that I didn’t need anything else. My characters were a creation of pure imagination, they didn’t need to be grounded.

I wonder about how this will read to others, if they’ll imagine similar characters and places, if they’ll understand them as I do. The beauty of working with solely dialogue is that everything else can be created by the reader. They become a part of the creation of the characters and their world.

Let me know what you imagined!

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