Why I Want to Write (Edited)

When I’m feeling negative, I tell myself that following this path is the only thing I can do. I tell myself that I’m shit at everything else and writing is the only thing I’ve ever stuck with, ever thought I was any good at.

On a bad day, writing is my only choice.

When I’m feeling positive, when I actually believe in myself, I write because I have stories in my head that I want to get onto paper. I have characters I want to fall in love with. I write for that quixotic feeling of falling in love – with the words, the character, the journey. I write to create or explore emotions that real life is sorely lacking.

On a good day, writing is my soul, my love, my beating heart.

And somewhere amongst all that, when I’m being practical and logical, I know that I’m good at writing. I have characters that I want people to love as much as I do. I want someone to pick up my book and read from sundown to sun-up, to feel a deep sense of loss when a character dies or the book ends. I want to make my readers feel.


(Writing prompt: Why are you here? Why do you write? Why do you want to be in this industry?)

Image: http://akifkichloo.com/post/109418952072/write-said-my-soul-immortal-verses-of-hope

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